Yo Doccalo! Call Bob a Giving Tree because he continues to give back to the little people. Akil got to pick, especially after that episode of Bill Murray docs we did, and he picked some hot nerd shit. A story of our childhood. Back to an era that might have been the first time that a pack of comic dorks were considered cool. Now nerd bullshit is everywhere, but this nerd bullshit was EDGY, bro! An era completely inaccessible to women. For good reason. It’s the story of a comic book company that isn’t the first two comic book companies you think of. Akil and Bob watched Patrick Meaney’s “The Image Revolution”. Seven comic artists that made Marvel a lot of money decided to bail and start a company that consisted of a collection of seven independent publishing companies. Mostly bad comics, Drama, Mistakes, and an evolution into some of the best comics on the shelves today. Bob and Akil actually know waaaaay too much about this. I think this can be found on Prime or Tubi. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer. Not a woman in sight. 

Here’s that Rob Liefeld commercial with Spike Lee.

Learn something.

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