HAI-CHA, Doccalo! Are you ready to feel the force of NOTHING?! Eldridge and Bob end their “Shorties” cringe-trip with a visit to a fellow by the name of George Dillman. George has a 9th degree black belt in Karate braggery. George can use “Chi” like a weapon. He claims he can put you on your back without touching you. He can move Starbucks lines with Chi. He can grope just about anybody with a hot hand full of Chi. National Geographic’s 125 pound skeptic has been sent in to test if his head can be exploded with Chi. Yeah, this is a clip of a National Geographic show. We will do an actual short documentary next week, ok? STOP SCREAMING AT US! Bob and Eldridge will now lay out the ugly truth. Is Chi punching real? Chi deez nuts if it’s so real. Keep on saying things you shouldn’t say on camera. Chi wisely.

Here’s ol’ George “Chi Grope” Dillman.

Here’s that thing we talked about in the episode.

Here’s that “Babes in Toyland” style we were talking about.

Oh Shit…Courtney Love WAS briefly a member of Babes in Toyland.

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