Step into our kitchen, Doccalo. It’s time for another hot ‘n’ ready episode of the Documenteers! This month, Bob continues to concede to the wishes of his co-hosts by hitting up a documentary that Stuart has been wanting to do for a long time. We watched this documentary way back during the early days of Netflix. Back when Netflix streaming was mostly documentaries and we actually got discs in the mail like a goddamn cavemen. Stuart and Bob pull up a seat at the original Shopsins restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC where the guy who runs it is unlike any other. We discuss the 2004 film “I Like Killing Flies” by Matt Mahurin. Kenny and Eve Shopsin have since passed on since Matt Mahurin captured the closing of the original Shopsins less than a year after 9/11. We reminisce on our own times in kitchens and eclectic eateries growing up in and around the Nashville area and even reminisce of time spent at another iteration of Shopsins. A kitchen can be a very personable place and this episode serves as an homage to Shopsins, and great kitchens everywhere that aren’t trying to do some trend sucking bullshit that will be irrelevant in three years. In the words of Kenny, “Go Fuck Yourself”. We mean that in the nicest way possible. Keep on Doccin’.

You can watch the whole thing here.

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