Hi, Doccalo. The cringe show with Eldridge continues and the depths we go into here might be a place that none of us can come back from. There is a man, who provides whiskey and scotch review content on YouTube. This particular one does not seem to have good timing or a proper awareness outside of a bottle of Laphroaig. Foodquig refuses to let a collapsing relationship get in the way of his YouTube admirers. Bob calls it “The Abyss”, but it’s actually called “Laphroaig 10, the Go To Islay Malt”. But is is about Islay malt, or is this a twisted dark reflection of our souls refracted into infinity? A black hole of human connection. A warning sign. Also…is he good at describing whiskey? Let’s dunk our whole selves into this one. Keep on Doccin’.

Introducing Foodquig (The Abyss).

Here’s the trailer for “Vanishing Point”.

Learn something.

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