Though we go worldwide, our podcast is recorded and produced in Nashville, Tennessee. We like representing our home city and are proud to be a part of the Nashville based podcasting community. We happen to believe that we are the best Nashville based podcast, and there’s some damn good ones out there.

Help us out tremendously by voting “Documenteers” for Best Podcast under the media tab for Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville 2019”.

Go to the voting page and vote for the Documenteers podcast. You MUST fill out 25 answers in order for the ballot to go through. For those who want to help the show, but are not too familiar with Nashville, we have supplied a list of suggestions for you in case you need some advice to help pad your ballot. For local zip codes try 37207 or 37206. 

Here’s a list of suggestions. We’re very grateful for your vote! Thank you the being “The Shit”. Keep on Doccin’.

Best Cheap Date: Belcourt
Best Country Music Artist: Lil Nas X
Best Drag Performer: Brooke Lynn Heights
Best LGBTQ bar: Canvas
Best Movie Theater: Belcourt
Best Trivia Night: Tribe
Best Singer/Songwriter: Jonni Greth

Best Deli: Mitchell’s
Best Hot Chicken: Prince’s
Best Meat & Three: Wendell Smith’s
Best Mexican: El Jaliciense
Best Wings: Ghot Wingz
Best Pizza: Joey’s House of Pies
Best Dive Bar: Betty’s

Best DJ: DJ Drew Wilson
Best Radio Station: WXNA

Best College Sports Team: TSU
Best Day Trip: Mammoth Cave
Best Predators Player: Roman Josi

Best Book Store: McKay’s
Best Boutique Hotel: My Butthole
Best Hospital: Vanderbilt
Best Place to Buy/Sell Music: McKay’s
Best Place to Buy Vinyl: Grimey’s

Best Dog Groomer: Angela

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