Dig it, Doccalo. This month, Bob ceases his selfishness and gives back to the co-host by discussing films of their choice. Jonni is happy to finally get Bob’s docs off with this documentary from Finland about a very special punk band. Maybe the closest you might get to a true punk band. Jonni and Bob watch and discuss the 2012 documentary “The Punk Syndrome” by Jukka Kärkkäinen and J-P Passi. The thing about this Finnish punk band? All the members have autism or Down syndrome and they got issues and angst to get out. A movie that takes place in Finland and not one person chugs reindeer blood. You can watch this with the Tubi app. It’s like early Netflix if early Netflix had commercials. Uncensored. You see penis in this one. It’s pretty big. Cut your toenails. It’s important. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the Punk Syndrome trailer.

Here’s Jonni’s WXNA radio show “The Unlistenable Hour”.

Learn something.

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