Howdy, Doccalo. That’s a phrase people don’t say in England. Welcome to the Documenteers 5th week! We drop every Monday night and July has five Mondays. And so you have…5th week. Eldridge comes back to sit with Bob and NOT discuss a documentary about race but the underlying theme is very dark and disturbing. Our American selves mostly learned of Jimmy Savile’s super predator activity AFTER he died. Our friends across the pond (maybe that’s you?) grew up with this creepazoid on their televisions. In the year 2000, Louis Theroux did an episode of his BBC documentary show with Jimmy Savile. We’re talking about “When Louis Met…Jimmy” by Will Yapp and Louis Theroux and you can watch this for nothing on Will Yapp’s Vimeo (link below). Rumors had already been going for decades. After he died, the dam broke. A 20 year old film watched through the filter of present day knowledge. It’s hard not to see everything as an acknowledgment of terrible shit. You better believe we will be bringing it this upcoming Creeptober October. Consider this an appetizer. Don’t molest people! Please! Keep on not doing that!

Here’s the doc.

John Lydon warned us and the BBC buried it at the time.

A twisted moment on top of the pops.

Gross Audio.

Creepy Tapes of Jimmy.

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