(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

Thank you Doccalo, for all that you’ve done to your bodies. Get ready to hear that a lot. Angela and Bob close out the month of wrestling themed “Shorties” with something that isn’t a promo. It qualifies, based upon the Documenteers book of rules and regulations, as an official short documentary. David Wills loves wrestling. He really fucking loves wrestling. That’s why he went to this sparsely populated gymnasium to see guys like Terry Funk, Jim Crockett, and a couple other guys we don’t recognize discuss some real serious issues regarding professional wrestling. David Wills grabs the microphone and gives a sincere and worthy emotional display that is both funny and endearing. We think Terry Funk might have been a little embarrassed, but Dave’s heart is just too damn big to contain. Now Bob is going around thanking people for what they’ve done to their bodies, and it appears to be putting a strain on his marriage. Soon, Herman the show note writer will take over this podcast and send it to the stratosphere. It’s still real to me, dammit! Keep on Doccin’.

Just sayin’ what needed to be said.

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