You ready to scrum? Maybe throw in a ruck or two? OK, we capped out on our knowledge of Rugby terms. Welcome to the Documenteers! Drew and Bob are gonna tackle what is probably the most prolific sporting event moment in South African sports history. We’re talking about the South African Springboks Rugby team and it’s tumultuous path to the 1995 Rugby World Cup in Clifford Bestall’s 30 for 30 “The 16th Man”. Narrated by Morgan Freeman (our 2nd Freeman narrated doc) and starring Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, Injustice, Political Imprisonment, Racists and Rugby. How does this historical moment break down? The names in this film we found to be too much fun. Guest starring Bob’s cat, Alice. Let’s put on some little shorts, shove up against each other and listen to some podcast! Apologies to Justice Bekebeke. Keep on Doccin’.

“The 16th Man” trailer.

1995 RWC South African National Anthem.

Nothing brings us together like a Shinedown concert.

Here is where you can find Drew’s weekly sports talk show “Walk it off”:

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