About two months ago we all exhaled after the completion of one of the biggest television shows of all time. Well…some of us exhaled and then inhaled real deep and then attacked their keyboards/smart phone with a deluge of opinions. We got some ourselves, but we also have lives too busy for constant internet commentary. We speak on the mic through the spirit of the Gods Old and New. Despite the ups and downs, Bob and Angela have a lot of love for the Game of Thrones show and the book series by George RR Martin. The achievement of working on something so big has the power to bring people together in a familial way. Angela and Bob peek behind the scenes for it’s final season with Jeanie Finlay’s HBO original documentary “Game of Thrones: The Last Watch”. It takes a village to build up and burn down a prop village. The hearts and minds of Game of Thrones go much deeper than the famous faces we’ve seen grow older on the show. How is it behind the smoke and mirrors and incest? This might be our nerdiest episode to date. But I bet that next month we will go full blown dork fest. Prepare yourself for the coming culture rot. Practice rolling your eyes. What is dead will never die. What is docced will keep on doccin’.

The trailer.

Clegane roast.

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