(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, STING! Sorry to come in so hot. We continue our “Shorties” July Wrestling Promo series with the mind-blowing introduction of one of the most notorious wrestling legends of all time. “Notorious” and “Legendary” for all the wrong reasons. WCW was ramping up to “War Games”. Sting and the British Bulldog needed some assistance in dealing with the likes of Rick Flair, Sid Vicious, and Harlem Heat. Try not to shit your pants when you’re introduced to…THE SHOCKMASTER. Then try not to pee your pants when you hear Bob and Angela break down this unforgettable wrestling moment. Get your glitter spray and weird loose vest cloak thing ready. You’re about to be SHOCKED! KEEP ON DOCCIN’, STING!

The Man? The Myth! The Legend.

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