(NOTE: We mention that “Summerslam” will be in Nashville, but it’s actually in Toronto. What we thought was “Summerslam” was actually a house show happening in town with the “Summerslam” logo on it. We’re wrong. Soory.)

It’s the day after the Fourth of July, daddy. We want to bring it with this next block of “Shorties” and we bring it in spades. All July long, Bob and Angela will be breaking down a very important aspect of the greatest of spectacles…professional wrestling promos. Wrestling Promos will be our “Shorties” this month and we open up with a speech from a legend that still strikes a chord today. 
It’s practically a public service announcement. We’re talking about the legendary speech by Dusty Rhodes leading up to his match against Rick Flair at Starrcade ‘85 for Mid-Atlantic Wrestling.
We’re talking about hard times, daddy. “Hoahd” times, actually. Some things never change and only wrestling can give you inspiration like this. American Dream, daddy. Keep on Doccin’.

The legend.

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