It’s just a few days before the 4th of July here in the United States and this FREE podcast episode is all about FREEDOM. The FREEDOM to pit two similarly themed (or similarly titled) documentaries together for some FREE brutality is what all these Chinese manufactured fireworks are all about. Stuart and Bob tear off their shirts for this VERSUS episode and they pit “American Meme” by Bert Marcus violently against Brendon Marotta’s “American Circumcision”. This conflict between two Americas will be decided here. Both docs are on Netflix. The question of what is better, memes or circumcision, can finally be laid to rest. INTERNET JOKES or DICK SKIN REMOVAL? Don’t think about it for one more second. Let us do the thinking for you. ALSO, there’s a reference to Bob getting his gall bladder removed. ALSO, we got some weird sponsors for this episode. ALSO, you should never perform circumcision with a sparkler. ALSO, FREEDOM MUTHAFUKAH FREEDOM! Only this documentary themed podcast can heal a nation, and if you don’t like it THEN GET THE FUCK OUT! I’m sorry. That’s too aggressive. That’s not in the spirit of memes OR circumcision, and we apologize profusely. Keep on FUCKING FREEDOM!!! FREE!

American Meme trailer.

American Circumcision trailer.

Don’t click this link on your work computer. 

Don’t click on this link if you hate FREEDOM.

Learn something here.

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