Hello, Doccalos! Normally there would be a “Shorties” episode happening today. Next week we will get back to that, but to close out June/PRIDE-month, Drew and Bob skip ahead a little on the 30 for 30 roster to discuss the story of a professional lady tennis player who was born as a man. The story of Renée Richards cuts deep in this layered portrait. Life is always complicated, especially when you’re transitioning genders in the 60s and 70s. Bob and Drew unnecessarily lend their voices to close out PRIDE-month with Eric Drath’s ESPN 30 for 30 film “Renée”. Not only that, but the mystery of Bob’s “missing time” gets even stranger. I’m really bummed Bob came back. Angela could have easily hosted this 30 for 30. She would probably do it better in my opinion. Seriously, we’re back to listening to this goofy dork and his weird gross jokes? What kind of maniac makes “corpse fucking” jokes? I wouldn’t blame you if you all unsubscribed all at once. If it wasn’t for all the other hosts, and these excellent show notes, I would probably push more for that. Thanks to everyone who listened this month. We’re going to have a few themed months every year, and we look forward to improving on them as we move forward. One love (That being your love for the Documenteers) and Keep on Pridin’.

Here’s the “Renée” trailer.

Interesting review of the film.

Find Bob’s “Uninformed Opinion” episode here.

Here’s the song “Renee” by Lost Boyz.

Here’s where you can hear Drew’s WXNA Nashville sports talk show, “Walk it Off”:


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