Heavenly Doccalo, we welcome you today to Angela’s final stint as main host during this Pride month. Bob has been off chasing the Podcast Illuminati around Santa Monica and we have no idea what’s happening. My name is Herman, by the way. I’m the guy that has been writing these episode descriptions. You probably thought it was Bob, but it’s not. Usually Bob demands I never reveal myself, but BOB is not here to yell at me. IS HE? He thinks he’s so great, but just between you and me? He’s trash. This episode, Jeremy returns with Angela and they touch base on a much more serious topic than last time. We discuss LGBTQ kids born to extremely religious households and the tense relationships and ramifications of such a scenario. You can find this dense and informative documentary on YouTube for NOTHING. It’s a rather personal discussion that is truly different from most other Documenteers episodes. Bob isn’t on it, so it isn’t completely crude and inappropriate. Trust me, that’s a good thing. Jeremy and Angela discuss Daniel G. Karslake’s “For the Bible Tells Me So” and it almost seems to be more directed at the Christian community than LGBTQ folk. Keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that Bob is trash and I personally hope he busts his head on a rock on some California beach somewhere. Seriously, Angela’s too good for him. If he turns up alive I might have to do something about that. Herman will run this operation. You’ll see. HAPPY PRIDE. Amen.

Here’s the movie. Yes, the whole movie. Don’t get sassy with me if you’re listening to this three years after I post it and the link is dead. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, BRO!

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