Doccalo Doccalo Doccalo. Welcome to the Documenteers! This is the last “Shorties” ep that Akil and Bob banked for Pride Month. It’s very strange because who knows where the hell Bob is right now? Are those rumors about him and some bees true? This “Shorties” episode could very well be the last time we all hear his voice as main host of the Documenteers. We might need a moment to process that …………. ok. Done. Moved on. This is the last available documentary short for Rosie Haber’s “New Deep South” series. The first two are at , but this last one called “House of JXN” we only found on Vimeo. We heard about the legendary drag houses of New York in our “Paris is Burning” episode, but who knew that Jackson, Mississippi has some vibrant houses of its own? Makes sense considering the dominant religious stranglehold in these parts of the south. LGBTQ kids often have to find their own families. This short focuses on lesbian and “Drag King” houses and it’s stylish as all hell. Akil and Bob want to hang. Kinda makes us want to fill up on that lean and take 47 blunts to the throat and rain singles all over the club. Yeah…we’re cool. Keep on Pridin’.

Here’s the film, King.

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