Whattaya know, Doccalo? Pride month trucks on with Angela holding down the main eps, but Bob and Akil stashed some Shorties for you to enjoy. Or hate? It’s up to you really. We continue our talk on Rosie Haber’s “New Deep South” series (find it over at www.thefront.com).
with a documentary short that strikes to the core of that southern life as an LGBTQ person in Jackson, Mississippi. Austin is one of four “out” kids at his school, and he has a plan for his upcoming graduation to take his shit to where his heart is when he eventually becomes “Kayla”.
Austin has to bide his time in his very religious community as he cares for his single father who has lung cancer and definitely doesn’t know about what his child carries. But Kayla? Oh, Kayla got plans and she’s probably gonna light the world up. It’s a classic scenario for many young people in the deep rural south, biding your time until you can change the scenery. Bob and Akil bring their own southern-ness to the analysis of this short film. We gotta make “Delta Burke II” a real thing. Mow that shit in your heels and Keep on Pridin’.

Here’s the film, Kween.

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