Hello, Doccalo. Angela is the host of all the main episodes during Pride Month, but unfortunately Bob banked some Shorties with Akil before he flew off to California to pursue the “Podcast Illuminati”. Who knows where Bob is by the time you hear this, but that egomaniac had to make sure he hosted something this month. This “Shorties” episode is the first of three short documentaries in Rosie Haber’s “New Deep South” series that you can find over at www.thefront.com . “New Deep South” takes a look into a vibrant LGBTQ scene taking place in Jackson, Mississippi. This first one, “Instababy” takes a peek into a young same sex couple who fell in love and are utilizing social media in the search for a baby. They’re very young. Like 18 and 22. One is a cop. What do Akil and Bob’s old asses make of this modern romance? Is it cool to root for them to NOT adopt an Instagram baby? Everybody in the “New Deep South” series is beautiful and makes us feel old, but we can still party with the best of them. Keep on Pridin’.

Here’s the film. Please don’t leave me. 

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