Hello, Doccalos! Get your rainbow flags out because we’re celebrating Pride month all June-long! Angela has taken over all the main episodes and Bob has fucked off to California to sell out the show to a bunch of podcast elitists. We’re sure it will work out, Bob. (Makes hand job motion). Meanwhile Angela kicks off Pride month for a special episode with her brother, Bryan, and they’re gonna talk about some real serious shit. Shit so serious that maybe they should have dropped this episode during the third week of June. Angela and Bryan will be discussing Michele Josue’s portrait of her old pal in the documentary “Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine” and you can watch this on Hulu. The brutal murder of Matthew Shepard forced a national conversation that was long overdue. It was an act that was way more common than many in society would care to admit and we shudder to think of all the victims of homophobic hate crimes whose names we will never know. This portrait of Matthew is a personal one by those who knew him throughout his short life, and frames an interesting context of a young man who would become infamous. Shit gets real, but there may be a few chuckles somewhere. If you think Angela does a better job than Bob, then be sure to email us to let us know. If you think Bob sucks, then email him every day. Also, who writes these show descriptions? You might have thought it was Bob…but is it? Fuck Bob. Seriously. Apologies to Bob. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer to this doc.

Here’s the website to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

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