Roll up a Hog’s Leg®, Doccalo. We’re about to get into the highest 30 for 30 yet! Ricky Williams might just be the most enigmatic NFL player ever. So enigmatic that the Heisman Trophy winner has no issues with walking away from millions of dollars to go sleep in a tent in Australia. Meanwhile, back in the United States, bitter schlubs who peaked in the 11th grade and loot their kid’s college funds to get good seats for an NFL game that they can’t really afford in a multi-billion dollar stadium that was paid for by their tax money, are really really pissed off that Ricky won’t do something that they would murder their own children to be able to do. Drew and Bob watched the strangely amateurish, yet weirdly affecting, “Run Ricky Run” by Sean Pamphilon and Royce Toni. Does Ricky Williams run in this one? Yes. He runs to the end zone, he runs to some poker game blunts, he runs to lady genitalia, he runs to some gurus. He even runs back to the NFL a few times. Maybe he will even run his way…into your heart. He’s so good at ancient medicine that you won’t know you’re pregnant for months. Where are we going with this? Don’t know. Just listen to the damn episode. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer.

Here’s Ricky college highlights.

Here’s Ricky Pro Highlights.

Here’s that Master P classic.

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