Hey Doccalo. It’s time again to go back into film history. Back to France. 1912. Paris. The Eiffel tower. This very short video is of a very brave inventor by the name of Franz Reichelt who demanded to test out his Missy Elliot Parachute Suit® all on his own with no dummy prop or anything. Why not also invite all your friends and all of your neighborhood to come watch you jump off the Eiffel tower? Then you can show all your haters that your Missy Elliot Parachute Suit® is awesome and works. Well, the haters win this day because the suit didn’t work and Frank Reichelt made a six inch imprint into the ground beneath the Eiffel Tower. Franz didn’t make it. Nearly a hundred years later, the inventor and musician, Missy Elliot showed the world the best use for a Missy Elliot Parachute Suit®. Getting your freak on. Ginger and Bob lay this 100+ year old film out for you. The moral? Be more like Missy and less like Franz. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the Franz Reichelt film.

Here’s another look, and more info, on Franz and his suit.

Here’s Missy Elliot’s perfected version.

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