Welcome, desperate doccers! You’ve tripped over another episode of the Documenteers podcast. On this episode Eldridge and Bob went to the theater to watch Khalik Allah’s “Black Mother” and now we are all baptized. Come on down to Jamaica…mon. (groan) We be jammin’. (ugh) Let’s roll up a hog’s leg (YES) and go to that great island nation and feel the intense swirling of culture, religion, mothers, life, death, more mothers, Chinese wholesalers, genitalia, mothers, and babies. Another collage/picture style doc that manages to bring about curiosity without a lecture. Shot on multiple cameras. Probably even one of those first ones where you couldn’t move for two hours. This artsy joint might be in or around a city near you. This ain’t the Jamaica your aunt and uncle went to and came back with vaguely racist t-shirts to give out to everyone. Sure, you wear them and listen to that same copy of Bob Marley “Legends” over and over again. Wishing your white dreads didn’t look like you wipe your cum in them, but all that wishing does no good. The sorry fact is that your white ass doesn’t have dreadlocks. You have cum hair. Filthy filthy cum hair you dirty dirty white. Apologies to people who are good at sound engineering. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the trailer (official version).

Here’s another trailer (UK version).

Here’s something else by Khalik Allah.

This one seems interesting.

Maybe just follow Khalik Allah’s YouTube (we do).

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