Whoop Whoop, Doccalo! Our shameless attempt to co-opt with the Juggalos continues and we head to the infamous “Gathering of the Juggalos” where a young woman called “Steak/Stake/Staik???” goes to see what the Juggalettes are up to and it turns out they’re changing the game of female representation within the Juggalo community. We finally get to a VICE documentary for this “Shorties” episode. (note the host named “Steak”sp?) Ginger and Bob discuss “Juggalette Beauty Pageant” which is also produced by Broadly. Chugging Faygo® will never be the same. Actually, chugging Faygo® is pretty much what you would expect. Juggalo sub-culture is much maligned and evolving, but you can only hate so much until you might as well just party. Whoop Whoop! Keep on Doccin’. Whoop Whoop!

Here’s Juggalette Beauty Pageant.

Here’s an old Faygo root beer commercial.

Faygo Physics.

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