Hey there, Docubuddy! YOU READY FOR A DOC FIGHT!? Last time we did this, we threw both of the Fyre Festival documentaries against each other and declared a victor. The results stunned the world. We re-visit that theme because there happens to be two documentaries referencing the fandom and experience surrounding one of our most beloved comedic actors. In a NO HOLDS BARRED viewing experience, Akil and Bob sat down and watched “Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man” by Tommy Avallone on Netflix. (Yes. That is the actual subtitle.)We PITTED it VIOLENTLY AGAINST “The Bill Murray Experience” by Sadie Katz. Viewable on Prime Video. You like self-absorbed philosophical shoe-horning in correlation to celebrity obsession? HELL YEAH! Is it all about Bill Murray or about the person? WHO KNOWS?! Do you like it when people put things in all caps? HELL YEAH YOU DO! We all got a Bill Murray movie we like. What would you do if he washed your dishes? Ate your french fries? Played tambourine in your band? Slashed your tires? Spat on your feet? Burnt down your shed? Stole pictures of your family and posted them on his Pinterest account? You’d probably love it, wouldn’t you? If he had to take away any of your children, which one would you give him? You don’t have a choice. Let us smash documentaries. Apologies to Tommy Avallone, Sadie Katz, and Joel Murray. Keep on Doccin’®

Here’s “The Bill Murray Stories” trailer.

Here’s “The Bill Murray Experience” trailer.

Here’s the Bill Murray, RZA and GZA scene from “Coffee and Cigarettes”. 

Here’s Annie Lennox & Al Green’s cover of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” from the “Scrooged” soundtrack. 

Here’s “My Boo” (Version No. 2).

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