BEWARE OF POETS. We will tell you the moral off the top. Welcome to another “Shorties” episode, Doccalo. We’re excited to bring back a host we haven’t heard since last year. Ginger returns to the Documenters for her first trilogy of Shorties. We start off with a short video of a pop singer that we’re pretty sure is immortal. We check in on Björk who is checking in on her TV, and she wants to tell us how it works. Icelandic poets warn of the subliminal manipulations of television frames, but the cold logic of the Dutch bring us all back down to reality. Someday we will all live in a little TV. I will be the bellhop in the TV city hotel. We don’t know what this video is originally from, if any listeners know, give us a shout. Also, give us your social security number if you want. Apologies to Icelandic poets. Keep on Doccin’.

Here’s the Björk video.

Here’s a weird Video inspired by “Story of the Eye”.

Here’s Björk fucking up a reporter. Get em, Björk.

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