Hello Doccalos, welcome to the third and final installment in the “Celebrity Bands” series. Bob is obsessed with famous mediocrity, so this topic will return for sure. Angela and Bob close out this trilogy with what might just be the most frustrating celebrity band of all. “Celebrity” is a de-facto term here as the person was born into wealth and was pretty much handed the operations of Madison Square Garden on a silver platter. New York Knicks fans might have a panic attack because this Shorty features the thin-skinned James Dolan. James Dolan owns (and tanks) the Knicks, will ban you from the Garden if you criticize him, and will force all MSG employees to go watch his Country/Folk/Roots Rock band “JD & the Straight Shot” whenever they play in town. Can you believe that this band that is fronted by the guy who runs Madison Square Garden, has played at Madison Square Garden?! WOW! It was tough to choose from all of the JD & the Straight Shot mediocrity available online. We decided to go for a live performance of the song “Ballyhoo” at theater in Belfast. If you’re not sure what a ballyhoo is, James will put on a stovepipe hat “Jamesplain” it to you in this video. Barely. I must say, “the Straight Shot” do seem enthusiastic. They must make bank considering all those millions James Dolan saves not paying NYC property taxes. Can you tell we’re big fans? Keep on Doccin’.w

Here’s the video from Belfast.

Here’s that damn “Glide” song.

Here’s “Six White Horses” by Waylon Jennings to help you get your mind back.

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