Play ball! Pencil and paper ball, that is! Also known as Rotisserie. Later known as Fantasy Sports. Now it makes mad money. Drew and Bob point to the stands and knock out another 30 for 30 with Adam Kurland and Lucas Jansen’s “Silly Little Game” and it’s all about the origins of fantasy sports. Rotisserie baseball to be exact. This is about the publishing dorks that invented a game that is very boring to anyone that isn’t playing it. They break it all down in this flick alongside some even dorkier reenactments. There are lots of reenactments. Like, half the flick is reenacted. Lots of dumb jokes too. When a podcast with seemingly endless dumb jokes thinks the jokes are dumb then you better believe the jokes are dumb. This could be a divisive subject for a podcast audience, but you can’t doubt the monolithic presence of fantasy sports. Take it from Bob, the defending champion of the Drink ‘n’ Draft Fantasy Football League. Probably that league’s greatest champion of all time. It was kind of a Cinderella story, really. It all started last August. Draft Day. Bob got the first pick andzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ..Z.Z…ZZZZZZZZZ..ZZZZZZZZZZZZ Keep on Doccin’ zzzzZZ

Here’s a preview of “Silly Little Game”.

Here’s the full “Get Metsmerized” song.

Here’s some random dumb shit Bob has been obsessed with lately.

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