Hello Doccalos. Get Your Herzog flavored Faygos up in the air because Angela and Bob are ready to put the spotlight on another musical act that is propped up on celebrity money. This next band you think you may enjoy on paper, but seeing it happen is another result entirely. We don’t even get to the music in this one, because Billy Bob Thornton and his Boxmasters have a bone to pick with the host of QTV. (Turns out the host is called Q. We think.) Actually, the Boxmasters seem pretty damn chill about it. Billy Bob, on the other hand, does not want any references to the fact that he is an award winning actor to come up in band interviews. This two year old (at the time) “Modbilly” act is on nationally syndicated shows on its own merit and it has NOTHING to do with the celebrity of Bill Bob Thornton. Angela is still cringing from this one. No other Boxmasters video comes close to the views on Billy Bob Thornton’s ‘Blow Up’ on QTV video. Hey. He will always have “Randy, You Tunin’ Son of a Bitch” and “Go Fuckin’ Practice, Randy!” from the always quotable film “Sling Blade”. Bob just might get a tattoo of Dwight Yoakam from “Sling Blade”. Don’t even try to talk him out of it. Keep on Doccin’.w

Here’s the cringe inducing interview.

Here’s that Boxmasters video about “Britches” and “Balls”.

Here’s that amazing scene from “Sling Blade”.

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