Hello fans of tiny documentaries that many don’t consider documentaries, but actually they are as written and decreed in the Book of Herzog that has not yet been available to the public. Welcome to the Documenteers podcast. The SHORTIES edition! Angela joins Bob for a three-part Shorty series on celebrity fronted bands. This week we start us off with a doozy. A couple of years ago Corey Feldman went on the Today Show with his band “The Angels” and some Michael Jackson inspired dance(?) moves and performed “Go 4 It” to promote his upcoming record “Angelic 2 the Core”. What followed was collective laughter from the entire country. Corey didn’t appreciate us all laughing at him. Now that we’ve had a couple of years to settle on this infamous performance, how does it hold up? Will the laughter turn to respect? Does it still cringe? Is this just the right kind of terrible to actually be amazing? Will Bob digitally purchase all of Corey Feldman’s albums? Hit play on that bad boy (your phone, I mean) and find out where the Baby Herzog-hammer falls! Keep on Doccin’!

Here’s the performance.

Here’s one of Corey’s facebook live responses.

Here’s Corey’s return to the Today Show.

Here’s the Trailer for “License to Drive” (1988).

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