Hey, Doccalo! This Shorties episode feeds into an intense need by audiences that want podcast content about something they’ve never heard of, have never seen, and possibly will never see. A little over three minutes long and currently only available as an extra on the “Rainbow Man / John 3:16” DVD. Sam Green’s “N Judah 5:30” is a brief glimpse of a train line in San Francisco, and it’s green-lit, slow-motioned passengers. A tiny slice of the San Francisco grind that’s hard to find.

In only 13 Shorties episodes, we’ve managed three episodes about trains. Yeah.

Fun facts.

You like trains?

Keep on Doccin’®

Here’s the IMDB page of “N Judah 5:30”.

Here’s an hour an a half of trains.

Here’s that Quad City DJ’s song “C’mon n’ Ride It (The Train)”.

Here is Sam Green’s website.

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