Yo, Doccalos. The next two weeks of Shorties are companion pieces with Stuart and Bob’s episode of “Rainbow Man / John 3:16” by Sam Green. In fact, this small bit of San Francisco hippie tomfoolery called “Pie Fight ‘69” was directed by Sam Green and Christian Bruno. A film troop called “Grand Central Station” wanted to stick it to THE MAN and the goddamn HOLLYWOOD ELITES, so they brought 500 pies to a red carpet event. The results were what you would expect. Let’s go back to the year 1969. You can watch this short documentary right the hell here: vimeo.com/13946871 Also, here’s a commercial video for a wedding band called “Grand Central Station”: youtu.be/ZfVN63AynKk

Pie the system and Keep on Doccin’®w


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