This week we get even more Angela as she and Bob discuss a documentary about a story they can’t un-hear. This doc has been burning hot since it dropped on Netflix a few weeks ago and the water cooler is fogging up over everyone gabbin’ about it. It’s a story that has to be heard to be believed. A Mormon family gets marked in Skye Borgman’s creepy 2017 film “Abducted in Plain Sight”. It’s a story that tells itself, but sometimes hitting a softball is a lot harder than it looks. Regardless, many things here will not be forgotten no matter how hard we try. If it wasn’t for Jeremy Piven’s stunning performance as the pedophile, Bob Berchtold, in this film’s re-enactments, then it almost might be a documentary worth forgetting. Talk about an Oscar snub! Probably one of Jeremy Piven’s finest performances. He’s not listed in the film’s IMDB, but that’s just how modest Mr. Piven is. One of our finest actors, truly. One of the most creepy documentaries we’ve watched so far. Watch this, then pressure wash your eyeballs. Listen to us talk about it, then pressure wash your ear-holes. Then start drinking. Then quit drinking. Then relapse a few times. Drink a few more years even more heavily. Experience a health scare. Drink one last time. Quit drinking permanently. Re-align your compulsions towards documentaries and the best documentary themed podcast in the universe. Congratulations to Jeremy Piven. Keep on Doccin’®

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