Be warned on this Shorties episode, if you put the name “Clint Malarchuk” into an internet search engine, you will pull up a very gruesome, bloody and infamous sports injury. It was an unfortunate day for the talented Malarchuk who had just been traded to the Buffalo Sabres. A typical net crash became a nightmare as a skate slashed Malarchuk on the neck. That horrible moment may be the most known incident of Malarchuk’s career, but it might not be the worst thing he’s ever survived. Turns out Malarchuk is a survivor even when he’s trying not to. A heavy story, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re a vampire, then this ESPN short is pretty much porn. Vampires choke it hard to the Malarchuk video. The rest of us have to deal with the PTSD of seeing it. I can still see it. Watch this Shorty right here:…ocumentary-series/ Unless you’re a vampire, proceed cautiously and hopefully. Keep on Doccin’®

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