(Note: Due to a schedule rearrangement, we reference this ep being before St. Patricks Day. It’s Not. We’re a pack of liars.) You got a song in your heart? Do you ever make up song and dance numbers about the everyday products you find in your home? Well then, we got the episode for you! Best of all? Bob Sham is barely in it. Therefore there’s way less crude language than usual. Bob didn’t make it out to this “in-theaters” episode to watch “Bathtubs Over Broadway” by Dava Whisenant, so Angela had to be joined by special guest, Jeremy, to discuss this heartwarming story of a Letterman writer obsessed with finding obscure recordings of one-off corporate broadway-style songs called “Industrial Musicals”. More on this over at www.industrialmusicals.com. Tired joke writers team up with tired actors and tired punks to pay homage to this bizarre musical sub-culture. Jeremy is a big fan of musicals and considering how many documentaries there are about theater (a lot), you will likely hear from him again. Unfortunately Bob isn’t totally absent from this episode, but he does have some important things to say. Special thanks to Doritos® for sponsoring this episode. Go out and try their new Asiago Coconut™ flavor. When you Get Cheesed™ with new Doritos® Asiago Coconut™, you’ll be screaming “Cheese Nuts!™”. Chance the Rapper knows what we’re talking about. Apologies to Doritos®. Keep on Doccin’®

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