Sports Shorties all month long continues and in this episode, Drew and Bob maybe had a little too much fun with an ESPN short documentary that is actually fairly sad. We watched “Here Now” by Eric Drath and it’s all about the greatest hitter in baseball history, publicly disgraced gambler, Pete Rose. It’s about the “Here Now” Pete Rose. The “Here Now” around 8 years ago when this was made, which also appears to be the “Here Now” Peter Rose here and now. According to Drew’s eyewitness account from a few weeks back, Pete Rose is still at the same sports memorabilia store in Las Vegas signing anything you want him to sign. That’s what this short doc is about, and if you’re in Vegas and have a few 20’s in your pocket, you can live this doc in person. This tragicomedy features great things, Pete Rose, Subway salads, short lines waiting for Pete Rose, many rules, and most of all it has winners. It’s a short documentary full win. Can’t link it because I couldn’t find a legit looking stream of it. We will leave finding it up to you. Just be aggressive and pat them on the ass. Be aggressive when you’re Doccin’.

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