One week ago (we say two weeks in the episode. ignore that.), the nation/world reeled from the intensity of the 2-part HBO documentary series “Leaving Neverland” by Dan Reed. At the same time, the Documenters reeled with you. Then we recorded it. Akil and Bob step atop the fallout and discuss Michael Jackson and the allegations of sexual molestation in this documentary series. There’s no way you haven’t heard about it. This episode was recorded in segments as the series was premiering. You can hear our reactions get more somber throughout the episode. Let us take you through the whole damn thing again. (But with way less descriptions of terrible things.) Is the Michael Jackson legacy obliterated? How do we handle the art and the artist going forth? We talk about Prince a bit to offset the heavy subject matter, but as I write this i’m remembering that Prince once wrote a song about hooking up with his sister. Around 2/3rds of the way through this episode Bob asks Akil to get closer to the mic (when he sounded fine) and then Akil’s deep sensual tenor turns up several bits. Let it shake you. Apologies to people who are actually good at sound editing. As of this writing (days after the series aired) more allegations are popping up against Jackson, and Corey Feldman says he can “No longer defend Michael Jackson”. We’re sure the snowball effect will have grown exponentially by the time you hear this episode.

For more information and help regarding childhood sexual abuse, then please visit or call 800-656-4673.

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Here’s a “Leaving Neverland” trailer.
Here’s Prince with Chris Rock telling the “Bad” story.
Here’s Prince soloing at the George Harrison Tribute.
Here’s that fucked up Prince song I mentioned earlier.
Here’s Corey Feldman & the Angels (get it get it) on the Today Show.
Here’s my favorite Velvet Underground song.

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