So now that Documenteers has eclipsed a year, we’re noticing an new pattern. We’re actually starting to give genuine analysis to these films. While it pains Bob to be too far from a fart joke, sometimes a film strikes a chord. We complete our month of watching acclaimed docs we missed in 2018 with a film that might be considered a nightmare for creative people. A visual adventure about friends making a Singaporean road film that was snatched away from their grasp by a strange mentor and “friend”. We watched Sandi Tan’s Netflix original documentary “Shirkers”, and it’s a movie that Bob and Jonni can’t get out of their heads. This episode is somewhat of an ode to film. Not unlike “Shirkers” itself. I guess this whole podcast is an ode to film. We like movies, especially documentaries. In case you haven’t heard. FART. FART. FART. FART. FART. Keep on Doccin’®

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