Usually the cat will get itself out of the tree if you just leave it alone, but Russians take animal safety very seriously. So seriously that they sent an army of one to cause more damage than he probably makes in a month. Eldridge and Bob watched the very short documentary “Saving Cat” by what we guess is some Russian television station. This “Shorty” video is another “viral” sensation. No, it won’t give you chlamydia. The kids tell me that “viral” means “popular”. So one day in Russia, poor Barsik got stuck in a tree. You could maybe say Barsik was, very understandably, trying to escape. The whole neighborhood came out and watched the most Russian guy ever do very very Russian things while trying to save Barsik. It’s a very brief bit of real comedy and you can find it here: . Maybe it can give you some good ideas if you’re a lunatic. Apologies to Yakov Smirnoff. Keep on Doccin’®

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