Our February of docs we missed in 2018 rolls forth, and this week Kevin Macdonald’s (NOT the “Kids in the Hall” cast member) biographical documentary “Whitney” gets the Herzog treatment. This film about the inimitable Whitney Houston and the runaway train of tragedy surrounding her and her family is one that might stay with Akil and Bob for a while. You could say that we GET SO EMOTIONAL BABY EVERY TIME WE THINK OF it. Sorry. Akil has been a big Whitney fan. Bob only has surface knowledge. Regardless we were blown back by some of the revelations within this documentary. The fact that this wasn’t directed by a cast member of the Canadian skit comedy crew “The Kids in the Hall”, is just one of many shocking disappointments. Bob Sham singing is another disappointment. We will go ahead and apologize for that. This is the last episode before the Academy Awards! Who will win best Documentary? Who will watch the Academy Awards? Not us. We will probably be detoxing from all of the serious and sobering documentaries we discussed this month. We will get stupid again real soon. Apologies to Lionel Richie. Keep on Doccin’®

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