Easily one of the oldest films we will ever discuss on the Documenteers. Maybe you caught this 1895 classic in some historical discussion regarding the history of film or technology. The Lumière Brothers made a lot of very brief films if only to test out the limits of motion pictures in its infancy. One of their more famous films featured a passenger train pulling into a train station in southeast France in this Lumière classic, “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat”. Watch it here: youtu.be/1dgLEDdFddk . It’s less than a minute long. It’s got a song with a beat you can shake your ass to. There are no words, but if sound in film did exist at that time you would probably hear the Lumière brothers chanting “Va te faire foutre, Thomas Edison.” Bob and Angela discuss this very early motion picture marvel with little to no knowledge of life in late 19th century France. Continuez sur Doccin’®

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