Hello documentary lovers. Notice something different about this episode? Yep. It’s NOT marked “EXPLICIT”. All the sailors and bikers can take a break, because this is the Documenteers episode FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Bob Sham’s six-year-old cousin Lexi stops by to deftly tackle one of the most prolific, kid-friendly, nature documentaries around. Luc Jacquet’s 2005 film “March of the Penguins” and it’s narrated by some guy named…what is it? Marvin Fortnite, or something? If you play any other Documenteers episode for a child you’re probably going to get that child taken away from you by the proper authorities. This episode is different. THIS EPISODE WILL NOT RESULT IN YOU LOSING CUSTODY OF YOUR CHILD! You can go get all the kids and parents and grandparents in the house and make them listen to this episode. You can even play this for kids you don’t know. Just play it on your smart-phone, out loud and in public. If people start to complain, just yell back “Relax! This is a family friendly episode of the Documenteers podcast! The best documentary themed podcast in the universe, and it’s also very funny! There’s just not enough podcasts out there of people trying to be funny and I just thought this show was refreshing! The main host sometimes puts in too many clips, though! Also, he barely knows what he’s talking about! Actually, now that i’ve heard this episode several times, I think maybe Lexi should be the main host! Some of the other hosts I like a lot, but I don’t know why Bob has to be on every episode! Regardless, this particular episode is very wholesome and we should all enjoy it! It was nice meeting you and Keep on Doccin’!®”

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