For year two of the Documenteers we promise to dig more into the history of documentaries. You will see more of the classics popping up, and this film pre-dates the term “documentary”. We discuss the genre-defining 1922 anthropological silent docu-drama, “Nanook of the North” by Robert J. Flaherty. This grainy golden age wonder was revelatory and successful in its time, but are things what they seem? What is true? What is a lie? The layers of deception move beyond the film and infect Bob Sham and Stuart’s discussion. Also, some corrections: It’s “Joe Flaherty” who played the dad on “Freaks and Geeks” and IMDB doesn’t have a comment sections anymore. For the rest of how we’re wrong about everything, listen on to the episode. This film can be viewed for nada on YouTube. Learn how to build an igloo! Don’t steal our “Blutter” idea! Keep on Doccin’®

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