A special surprise in this our most relevant episode to date. Just last week HULU and Netflix began having it out with competing FYRE festival themed documentaries. They’ve been slinging mud about it and what it is and isn’t in each one is quite intriguing indeed. The Documenteers take Chris Smith’s “Fyre” and Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason’s “Fyre Fraud” and slam them together until there is only one true victor. You remember the FYRE festival thing, right? Easily entranced trustafarians took some model-laced social media bait and shelled out more money than the average american makes in a year to attend a high-end music festival repped by future celebrity Big Brother cast-member Ja Rule, and a spoiled compulsive con-artist by the name of Billy MacFarland. This festival was supposed to feature Blink182 for some reason. What it featured instead was sweaty cheese, FEMA tents, Pigs (which is cool actually), a Monsoon and the sweet sweet tears of twenty-somethings who are not used to not getting what they want. Stuart and Bob Sham got together for a live session. Recorded in segments that also features an EXCLUSIVE dinner session at one of the most DECADENT restaurants in town. This episode will probably compel you to go to www.documenteerspodcast.com to Paypal us tens of thousands of dollars. Fuck that. Hundreds of Thousands! MILLIONS! This episode is so lit you’ll blow somebody to get bottled water out of customs. You’ll have to watch these flicks and listen to the episode to get that one. In the meantime, we fight FYRE with FYRE! Keep on Doccin’®

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