If you’ve been listening to the Documenteers for a bit, then you know Bob and Angela and some of the other hosts say “Apparently” too much. When that happens a clip of a child’s voice from an infamous viral video pops up on the show. Apparently, this Shorties episode is when we finally discuss the time Noah Ritter took over the WNEP-TV microphones at a Pennsylvania county fair and said “Apparently” no less than a dozen times. Apparently, it was a huge hit. Apparently, this is technically considered a short documentary. Apparently, the boundaries that qualify as a short documentary are very thin on this podcast. What next? Charlie Bit Me? Apparently, yeah. Apparently, we will one day do an episode on “Charlie Bit Me” and it will be great. In the meantime let’s pay homage to Noah Ritter. A Documenteers legend. You can watch the WNEP-TV short here: youtu.be/rz5TGN7eUcM . Apparently. Keep on Apparently®

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