It’s that time of year when the current year withers away, and 2019 is birthed out from 2018’s vagina/butthole/mouth? Not only is it time for the new year, it also happens to be the 1st anniversary of The Documenteers! That means everybody comes together for A GATHERING OF THE DOCCALOS! All of your favorite Documenteers hosts (and a guest) come together in one house, are forced to consume a quarter of their weight in alcohol, and speak into a microphone under threat of death. We have a great time and everybody shows Bob Sham the utmost respect. This is a special episode and it ain’t about a documentary. It’s about the best subject of all. The greatest documentary themed podcast in the universe. We’re talking about us, silly! It was a delightful gathering and this description is being written beneath a hangover cloud.
We also drop some hot news about the future of the show, and one significant bit of news is the fact that WE NOW HAVE A WEBSITE. Go there for all things Documenteers! All the information on where to find us and how to support us is there. We plan on experimenting with some fun articles and content throughout the next year. For something that isn’t porn, you will find that our website is remarkably easy to masturbate to. Bookmark that shit and keep your peepers peeping on it. In the meantime, let us listen to this episode and celebrate with your favorite Documenteers on this Docuversary. Listen to all the things that everyone involved will regret later. Thanks for listening. Here’s to the next year of the Documenteers! Happy New Year! Keep on Doccin’®

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