It had to happen. We’ve often mentioned “Spurlocking” here on the Documenteers and now we finally made ourselves see it in full effect. Happy Holidays by the way! Our early Christmas gift to you is that Bob Sham will do little to no complaining about Christmas in this episode. Unfortunately, he will complain about everything else. Stuart and Bob slide down the greasy fry-hole and watch the “technically classic” 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock. Stuart and Bob do the best they can to analyze this well-known film that everyone has seen without going off too much. (You should hear what was edited out. Maybe someday.) We promise that we wish no harm on anyone. Especially Morgan Spurlock. We swear. Peace and Love. Here’s something fun he wrote. is terrible for you. Duh. Bob likes the Big Macs. Those fries are ok but they gotta be hot. Stuart can crush a Burger King breakfast sandwich. Check out the jalapeno poppers at Arby’s. Keep on Doccin’®.

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