Just in time for Hannukah. Light your menorah, sip the manischewitz and relax to the smooth sounds of this special edition episode of the Documenteers. Another Nashville podcaster joins Bob Sham and he had the pick of the documentary litter. Tyler Mahan Coe steps into the Shamco studio. He’s the host of the hit podcasts “Cocaine and Rhinestones” and “Your Favorite Band Sucks” with fellow host Mark Mosley. If for some reason you’re listening to the Documenteers podcast without ever hearing of Tyler, then let me just say thank you for your time and love. Also, you should go check those shows out. “Cocaine and Rhinestones” is a very researched podcast about the history of country music. The best podcast of its kind. “Your Favorite Band Sucks” is about Tyler and Mark busting the beans of the most popular bands in pop culture. Some call the show brave. Others call it dangerous. Tyler joins Bob in discussing the most fraudulent “documentary” of all time. Some say it isn’t a documentary at all. It’s Orson Welles’s final, and most fun, film “F for Fake”. The film was also co-directed and produced by the grinning Francois Reichenbach. This tale of fakery is choking in charlatanism. Where is the truth? Who is honest? The art forger? The writer? The lady with all the bikinis? Where does Orson get those wonderful clothes? Let’s peel the onion. A great film to watch if you’re overdosing on documentaries. Special appearance by Fred Durst. Keep on Doccin’®

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