December is finally here and that means Bob can’t talk about the War on Thanksgiving anymore. Well, maybe a little. ‘Tis officially the season on the Documenteers and we dive into our first ever Christmas themed episode. Francois comes from Quebec and he represents a holiday tradition of Canadians selling Christmas trees on the streets of New York City. Unfortunately he leaves his family in Quebec for over a month, but over the years Francois has acquired a secondary family of people with real struggles and real heart. Bob Sham and Ginger watched Brad Rothschild and Jon Reiner’s “Tree Man” on Netflix, and they’re gonna tell you all about it. Co-host Ginger gets nostalgic as a former resident of NYC and Bob struggles to maintain his Grinchery in the face of real human moments. You win this time, Christmas. You piece of shit. Keep on Doccin’®

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