Give thanks, Doccalo. We actually have a Thanksgiving themed documentary to talk about! Bob and Angela discuss a PBS feature on the history of our most tight-assed of European Colonists. The Puritans. The Separatists. The Immigrants. “The Pilgrims” by Ric Burns. This “American Experience” special is available online at various cuts and lengths. It’s the story of William Bradford and a bunch of folk that really weren’t good at anything but praying and barely surviving. The story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving funneled through the filter of the Documenteers. It’s the best version, really. Thanksgiving is Bob’s favorite holiday. It’s a lonely position to take. Bob would gladly fight Christmas in the streets for the honor of Thanksgiving. He would get his ass kicked horribly, but he would try. Just another casualty of the War on Thanksgiving. Get stuffed and Keep on Doccin®.

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