Wow! We made it to fifty episodes. Many thought that we would crash and burn around episode thirty in the thankless grind of doing a weekly podcast, but they were WRONG! I’m sure we will get to 80 episodes before we implode from the weight of crushing mental exhaustion. For this anniversary episode Bob Sham and Jonni Downer finally get into the weeds of a for real, fun time, cult movie about a group of baby boomers that believe the flying saucers will come and bring enlightenment. We watched 2012’s “Children of the Stars” by Bill Perrine and we are forever changed. Did you know that all the sci-fi movies you’ve seen are not actually fictional stories but psychic past-life remembrances? Yeah. We’ve all been a myriad of things in our past lives. You were probably an evil intergalactic warlord at some point. Also Carol was probably there. Who is Carol? Oh Boy. We have a story to tell you. Dive in and Keep on Doccin’®

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